Anthoulla Nicolaides

Counselling & Psychotherapy

in Central & North London

"Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not a weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage"

-Brené Brown

Personal Counselling and therapy for individuals wishing to make changes

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

My name is Anthoulla and I am an integrative and relational counsellor and psychotherapist, which means that I use a combination of theories and techniques that will help to make sense of your journey. I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and work within their ethical standards, making sure that you are always at the centre of the therapy. I have worked in different psychotherapy environments, working with clients who have suffered from emotional, physical and childhood abuse and trauma, separation anxiety, acute loss, grief, loneliness, fear, shame, anger, suicidal thoughts and emotional difficulties. I work with people from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds with varied and diverse problems and issues.

One of the main bodies overseeing the accreditation and registration of counsellors and therapists in the United Kingdom is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am a BACP member, which means I have met their criteria for qualified and experienced therapists and work in accordance with their ethical framework.

Speak in confidence

Counselling with me takes place in a safe space, where I will listen with sensitivity and empathy – and without judgment.

Do you have confusing and disturbing thoughts that you are afraid to share? In this space thoughts and feelings can be shared slowly, freely and in confidence. In this space who you are and your personal growth matters.

A problem shared

Do you feel that you have trouble with a relationship or relationships; Anxiety or panic attacks; mood swings and depression or difficulty with life transitions or death–do you struggle with everyday life and find it hard to get on top of it? Counselling and talking to a therapist gives us a set of tools that we can use to help gain a better understanding of what’s causing these problems – and how we can move towards managing or resolving them.

Making Decisions

I believe that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves, and by working together we can begin the process of breaking down unconscious blocks that may be hindering your creating the life that you would like to have. You can gain greater insight into the difficulties you are facing and begin to understand why you act or react to situations the way that you do, and look at how you can start to make better, healthier decisions moving forward.

My Approach

In my therapeutic practice, I provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their difficulties in life, relationships and childhood, and to share and express confusing and overwhelming feelings. Therapy can help clients navigate their struggles and bring unconscious patterns of behaviour and relational difficulties to light, enabling change and more self-awareness and connection with the world around them and in relationships.

I believe that with reflection and expression, clients can get to know themselves better, giving them a stronger sense of meaning, purpose, belonging and fulfilment.

I am a relational therapist and believe that healing takes place within the relationship between the psychotherapist and the client. I have a deep belief that psychotherapy can be life-changing, whether you want to understand your past or are stuck and want to explore new territories. I am interested in our existential life and will look at what threatens a person’s existence, and what affects their connections. I pay attention to the needs and growth of my clients, and I explore what brings independence, joy, meaning and purpose to their lives.

“ Essentially, the environment in which we grow defines who we are”

Without a doubt, our upbringing and surroundings have a profound impact on the person we become. It is through our surroundings that we learn values, beliefs and behaviours that shape our identity. What happens to you in your childhood doesn't stay there, it becomes part of you and you bring it with you into your adulthood and relationships.

How do the attachments and relationships we form in our early years affect us in the present day? Are we carrying over thoughts, feelings, and behaviours from our past into our current relationships? Our attachment patterns, shaped in childhood, can unconsciously influence how we connect with others and navigate the world around us. Do you feel that something is holding you back from fully connecting with those around you? Or perhaps you often feel misunderstood and anxious in relationships?

“ Each time you set a healthy boundary, you say yes to more freedom”– Nancy Levin

Do you find it difficult to say no or set boundaries for yourself?

I am curious about the boundaries we create for ourselves and towards others, do you notice that sometimes you feel that people ignore your requests or are just unaware of your needs? Do you have feelings of being let down? What would it be like to explore your fears or anxieties around boundaries, putting yourself first, and caring about your feelings rather than pushing them aside? Together we can look at this and enable deeper connections and more fulfilment in your life.

Qualifications and Training

○ Qualified member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

○ Advanced Diploma in Integrative Humanistic Counselling, CPPD Counselling School (BACP Accredited)

○ Diploma in Integrative Humanistic Counselling, CPPD Counselling School (BACP Accredited)

○ Certificates in Integrative Humanistic Counselling, CPTA Counselling School (BACP Accredited)


○ Caris Islington Bereavement Counsellor

○ Caris Islington Acute Loss due to Covid

○ CPPD Counselling Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders, Fears for your future

○ One Therapy Contemporary counselling and psychotherapy

Certificates and further CPD

○ Attachment and Complex Trauma

○ Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice

○ Trauma

○ Working with Suicide

○ Bereavement & Grief

○ Working with gender and relationship diversity

○ Eating Disorders

○ Psychiatry

○ Psychopathology and psychodynamics

○ Time Limited Counselling

My Location

I work from my private practice in two locations in North London, Hanley Road N4, and Lloyd Baker Street, Islington WC1X. The locations are therapy practice centres and have quiet, calm and private rooms, and are close to The City, Highbury & Islington, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate and the surrounding areas.

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Getting to me

Hanley Road Stroud Green Crouch End N4

The nearest tube station is Finsbury Park on the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines (12 mins walk). There is also overground at Finsbury Park.

The nearest overground station is Crouch Hill (3 min walk).

Bus routes W3, W7 and 210 all stop within 1 minutes walk.


Pay & display parking is available on Sparsholt Rd, Japan Crescent, Mount Pleasant Crescent.

Access to the building

On arrival please scroll through to the room names using the up and down arrows on the keypad. Find the room which you are appointed to use and press the button with the bell symbol at the bottom of the key pad and I will buzz you in.

Lloyd Baker Street Islington WC1X

A Short walk from Kings Cross and The Angel tube and rail stations.

Several Bus routes available.

Pay & Display available on Surrounding streets.

On arrival please Press Buzzer 6.


Prior to your first visit I will confirm which room we are using.


Sessions are held weekly in person and each session lasts 50 minutes. Initially, I will carry out an in-depth assessment and thereafter I offer open ended therapy.


My rates start from £80 per session.

Please email me for more information, and availability and to arrange a free initial online consultation.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” – Rumi

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me using the online form below if you have any questions about how counselling or psychotherapy works, or to arrange an initial free online consultation. A consultation will enable us to discuss why you are considering coming to counselling and to find out a little more about each other so that we can decide if we can continue with your therapy in a meaningful way. I am happy to answer any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment. Please include a little background about yourself and why you are seeking therapy now in your message. Thank you.